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In today’s competitive economy, most companies are working on tight margins and narrow timelines to meet profitability and time-to-market goals. Through our comprehensive range of value added services, HRB Industries Corporation is positioned to provide turnkey solutions for end-to-end production of sheet metal fabrications, castings, and CNC machined parts and assemblies.
By letting us assist you with the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, we offer added advantages over the services other manufacturers can provide. Eliminating the need to move product among service providers saves you the time and direct costs associated with packaging and shipping a single product between multiple vendors. You also save internal administrative time and expense. Most of all, you can be confident in the quality of product you receive from a reliable and trusted supplier.
We have a talented team of manufacturing professionals with an enormous mix of skills. Our CAD specialists can assist you with the design aspects of your product to enhance its functionality, improve its manufacturability, or facilitate its assembly. We are fully qualified in all modern welding technologies and have extensive assembly resources with experience in the automotive, home appliance, agricultural equipment, consumer goods, and medical markets.
We are capable of numerous post-processing and finishing processes. In addition to delivering parts cleaned and deburred, we can polish and buff them to meet any surface finish requirement. In many situations, components need heat treatment to modify and enhance the performance characteristics, and we have the facilities to manage that process. If your component or fabrication needs enhanced resistance to corrosion, chemicals, premature wear or other environmental factor, we offer finishing services including anodizing, plating, and passivation.
Our packaging specialists can determine the safest and most economical means for protecting your products during shipping and storage, while our logistics managers can find the most economical and reliable freight options. We also offer individualized stocking programs to ensure you have an ample supply of product exactly where and when you need it.
The list of value-added services does not stop here. Whatever your specific requirements call for, we can accommodate it. For more information about our value-added services, contact us today.

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