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Automotive Combustion Part

At HRB Industries Corporation, we have a very strong team of tool and die makers that bring an elevated level of sophistication to our shop floor operations. Their years of experience combined with a broad skills mix has made them exceptionally talented at problem-solving. Leveraging their powerful competencies, we brought a high degree of precision and economy to the production of the component highlighted here, a carbon steel part designed for use in an automotive combustion system.

Our client was seeking an alternative vendor for this product in the interest of lowering its cost while maintaining or improving its quality. After reviewing the specifications, we determined that producing this part economically hinged on our ability to effectively machine a cast workpiece. However, this component featured a high aspect ratio geometry, which presented some challenges with tool selection.

Based on the shape of the workpiece, we quickly realized that even though our tooling library is extensive, we needed to go to the drawing board. Our engineers designed a specialty tool featuring a cutting point that extended almost 12” from the spindle base to accommodate the unique geometry of the workpiece. This proprietary cutting tool/tool holder configuration kept the tool stable while it was spinning at high RPMs — enough to maintain a high degree of accuracy and consistency while cutting tough carbon steel.

Thanks to the resourcefulness of our tooling engineers, we produced 12,000 of these parts in compliance with the client’s high quality standards. Extensive Q&A activities involved detailed visual inspections and recording of precise dimensional measurements made by our high-resolution CMM. We verified close ±0.004” tolerances on all features, which measured as small as 0.5” and as large as 13".

Our quality-engineered tooling also had an impact on production costs. It enabled us to efficiently machine features with excellent finish and accuracy, eliminating the need for secondary processes. Overall, we reduced the client’s expense by more than 30% when compared to what they paid the previous supplier.

To learn more about this project or our cost-sensitive production strategies, contact us today.

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