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With our more than fifteen years of exemplary service, HRB Industries Corporation is a strategic provider of CNC machining services to the automotive industry as well manufacturers of home appliances, agricultural machinery, and medical equipment. We have a substantial amount of machining equipment that incorporates modern machine tool technologies and labor-saving automation features. These production resources enable us to manufacture very high quality components at a very low cost to provide you with a budget-conscious solution for component fabrication.
Inside our facilities, we have both 3-axis and 4-axis machining centers with CNC controls, automated bar feeds, pallet changers, and advanced workholding systems. We are capable of executing numerous milling and turning processes to create any type of component, from those with simple forms to those with geometrically complex features, including internal and external threads, knurled surfaces, blind holes, deep bores, and convex and concave shapes. Inside a 12” x 12” x 12” work envelope, we machine parts from a wide variety of metals in many grades and tempers.
CNC machining projects often involve more than just component fabrication. Our technical staff can assist with the design aspects and material selection, or reverse engineer replacement parts for which no drawing is available. For projects that require special fixtures or other tooling, we can fabricate it in-house. Once the parts themselves are manufactured, they often require some type of finishing or heat treatment, and we have the resources to perform many of these functions in-house as well. We also offer stocking programs to ensure 100% reliable part availability.
Quality management is evident at every step of the production process. All of our manufacturing, test, and inspection processes are driven by our ISO 9001 and TS-16949 certified quality management system. Our quality technicians take their job very seriously and play a very important role in ensuring very high yields of conforming product.
Our shop is very well managed in terms of resource allocation and materials management. Combining this type of efficiency with automation strategies and a very skilled labor force, we achieve a very high degree of economy. Contact us at any time for a quote.

Equipment Capabilities
CNC Control Capabilities
Large Swing Lathe
Bar Feed
Milling CAD Design Services
CAM Programming Services
Reverse Engineering
Three-jaw chuck
Four-jaw chuck Pallets
In-House Fixturing & Tooling
Max Part Dimensions 12" x 12" x 12"
Lead Times Available Print to Production in 3-5 weeks
Quote on Job Basis
Rush Services Available
Industry Standards ASTM standards
American Society for Testing and Materials
ISO 9001:2008
International Organization for Standardization
Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (Compliant)

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