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At HRB Industries Corporation, we are a leading supplier of castings, sheet metal fabrications, and machined parts to top-tier OEMs in the automotive, appliance, agricultural machinery, consumer goods, and medical marketplace. We have a profound understanding of the logistical complexities associated with today’s demanding production schedules and have implemented a stocking program to ensure the availability of your products whenever you need them.
We operate a very large warehouse and distribution facility in the greater-Chicago area, just west of the city in St. Charles, Illinois. This centralized location is easily accessible to air and ground transit, which is a significant advantage in terms of both shipping logistics and freight costs. Our climate-controlled warehouse center is clean, secure, organized, and has the storage flexibility for us to manage bulk cargo as well as smaller volumes of product. Every item in our warehouse is documented, tracked, and controlled to ensure the accuracy of inventory levels and allow for responsive order management.
Based on your forecasted needs, we plan ahead to mitigate any potential risk associated with long lead times due to transit issues. In order to ensure ample safety stock, we establish a minimum inventory level, calculate the amount of elapsed time from order to delivery, and determine re-order timing. Our sophisticated inventory management system gives us instant access to all inbound and outbound product data, including stock availability, orders in progress, and order status. This guarantees that sufficient product is available for immediate and direct shipment on a just-in-time or emergency basis to keep your production moving at a steady pace without any chance of interruption.
Our team of global trade management experts supports all the legal and regulatory issues and documentation associated with critical overseas trade. We manage all customs activities and clearance procedures and are competent in the role of either importer or exporter. With our experience in both logistics and lead times, we have an outstanding record of reliability and our customers have complete confidence that their products are available to them within their stipulated timelines.

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