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Driven By Success

HRB Industries Corporation started itself in 1998 with a vision to reunite “low cost” and “high quality” and apply them to the custom metal fabrication industry. In the next 15+ years, HRB worked closely with our world class OEMs in a variety of industries, challenged and perfected itself every step of the way. We combined old world craftsmanship and experience with new world technology to form a unique system that enables our Manufacturing plant to output products with superior quality at minimal cost. The Manufacturing plant hosts a wide range of processes from sheet metal, CNC machining, metal casting to post processing and assembly.

We understand how important supply chain is to our customers, that why in 2003 we started our US warehouse program in St. Charles, IL, to serve our North American customer base with high volume demands. We want to take the worries and risk factors off of their minds so our customers can focus on what’s truly important for their business.

Productivity and quality is always on our minds. Our engineers, recruited from top institutes, focus on design and process of the products to make sure our customers are getting the most value out of each penny they spent. Our black belt quality assurance team is equipped with the state-of-the-art control systems to ensure that every product goes out the door is impeccable. HRB is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In 2014, HRB was nominated, among 300+ peers, for “Best Supplier” by a world leading home appliance company for supplying over 38 Million products with 0 PPM.

Let’s work together and make sure things are done right.

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