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Our Capabilities:

  • Stamping

  • Deep drawing

  • Fine Blanking

  • Rolling and Bending

  • Laser cutting

  • Progressive tooling design and fabrication


Our Post Processing:

  • Plating 

  • Passivation

  • Anodization

  • Polishing

  • Heat treatment

Our Machines: 

  • 75 presses ranging from 16-400ton

  • 1 hydraulic press at 500ton

Our Quality and Standards:

Markets Served:

At HRB Industries Corporation, we are a premier supplier of custom sheet metal fabrications to top tier companies, mainly in the consumer goods and home appliance industries. We also do a significant amount of work for the agricultural machinery, automotive, and medical markets. Our experience has taught us a lot about these industries and we have a firm understanding of the high degree of precision workmanship that they expect in their products. We stress the importance of quality at every stage of the fabrication process, from receipt of raw materials, through manufacturing, assembly, and inspection, to shipment of the final goods. Through the ingenuity of our manufacturing teams, responsible use of resources, and diligent attention to detail, we are able to uphold a very high standard of excellence - zero failures per 20 million units - at a very favorable cost profile.
We have an enormous amount of production equipment that gives us complete, start-to-finish sheet metal fabrication capabilities. In addition to shearing, bending, and forming machinery, our factories house 6-to 400-ton punch and deep-draw presses for the production of sheet metal stampings. We have precision waterjet and laser cutting equipment, as well as EDM machinery that we use for both production and in-house tool fabrication. When it comes to finishing, we offer many different decorative and protective options, including coating, plating, and painting as well as anodizing and passivation. We can also create highly buffed and polished surfaces for decorative and functional purposes.
Skilled in all metalworking disciplines, our technicians have experience with all types of metals, with a particular emphasis on carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. They understand the forming properties of each of these materials and apply the fabrication processes to achieve the required tolerances and surface finishes in the most efficient and effective way possible. We have the capacity to manage jobs that involve prototype and short run quantities as well as those that require large scale production runs. For ongoing projects, we ship items for just-in-time-delivery while our Safety Stock program ensures that inventory of your product is 100% available at all times from our Illinois warehouse.
For more information about our ISO 9001 and TS-16949 certified sheet metal fabrication services, contact us at any time for a quote.
Tolerance (+/-) Diameter +/- 0.005 in
Length +/- 0.02
Press Capabilities 6 to 315 tons
Typical Lead Times Print to Production in 3-5 weeks
Quote on Job Basis
Rush Services Available
Industry Standards ASTM standards
American Society for Testing and Materials
ISO 9001:2008
International Organization for Standardization


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